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 Fm 2010 10.1.1 | 10.2.0 İndir

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Reklam Ver
Tuttuğu Takım : Fenerbahçe
Mesaj Sayısı : 253
Puanlar : 702
Rep Puanı : 1
Kayıt tarihi : 07/10/09
Yaş : 25
Nerden : Giresun | Piraziz

MesajKonu: Fm 2010 10.1.1 | 10.2.0 İndir   Çarş. Ara. 16, 2009 6:21 pm

Fm 2010'un 2. güncellemeside çıktı.Bir önceki güncellemedeki bir sürü
hataların giderildiği bu yamayı aşağıdaki linklerden indrebilirsiniz.


Fm 2010'un 2. güncellemeside çıktı.Bir önceki güncellemedeki bir sürü
hataların giderildiği bu yamayı aşağıdaki linklerden indrebilirsiniz.




Alternatif 2

hotfile.com FM2010_v10.1.1_PC_Patch.7z.html

Alıntı :

- Fixed the game running out of memory when entering a match for some users
- Fixed the game sometimes losing activated status on Uniloc-protected versions
- Fixed a Mac-only crash relating the incorrect loading of a sound file
- Fixed a rare crash in the tactics panel
- Fixed rare issue with score divergence
- Fixed occasional crash when responding to red card

Football Manager 2010 v10.1.0

- Stopped youth players being created at and increased recruitment Glenn Hoddle Academy.
- Fixed hair colour issue with some rare newgens getting grey hair.
- Increased the percentage of local names for newgens from Wales and Ireland.
- Adjusted some attendances.
- Tweaked fan day feedback based on match final score.
- Fixed acceptance of international jobs not working.
- Turkish player names now shown in full instead of just first name.
- Stephen Carr no longer is retired when a new game is started.
- Fixed bug where homegrown players at a B team weren't being treated as homegrown for the A team.
- Adjusted ability calculations for older players generated at empty active clubs.
- Fixed player listed as 'Unh' no longer will have no evidence that they are unhappy on their personal section.
- Improved national team selection for minor nations.
- Improved selection of feeder clubs offered.
- Fixed a problem with the days in Britain for players who have played in England and Scotland (e.g. Mark Viduka).
- Goal awards no longer given out for basic detail matches - so you
don't get news items where you can't actually view the winning goal(s).
- Fixed a data corruption in the contract offer screen that occasionally caused strange low wage requests.
- Adjusted retirement dates.
- Adjusted generation of newgens for Liechtenstein clubs playing in the Swiss leagues.
- Adjusted newgen starting attribute levels.
- Adjusted goalkeeper ability development.
- Adjusted quality of newgens produced in both active and inactive leagues.
- Fixed highest and lowest league position records not updating properly after team has moved between regional divisions.
- Turkish player of the year award will now only be given to players with Turkish first nationality.
- Fixed crash when going to squad screen after retiring

Match Engine
- Made keeper hoof bobbly ball clear when dangerous to try to control it
- Made keeper first touch on backpasses a little safer
- Reduce number of unrealistic keeper fumbles and failing to hold slow moving ball
- Fumbles now recognised as mistakes
- Fixed keeper spending too long on ground after fumbling ball on the deck
- Fixed keeper who tries a save a fraction after opponent gets to ball performing illogical dive action
- Fixed keeper trying to head clear silly backpass rather than let it go out and being able to organise for corner
- Fixed keeper not using 6 seconds and hoofing ball clear while holding it under pressure
- Fixed wrong type of mistake being reported when keeper fumbles ball
- Added commentary for keeper fumbling ball
- Made keepers slightly more likely to dive when unable to save ball
- Fixed a couple of errors in keeper positioning that could leave goal exposed
- Improved chances of keepers making point blank save
- Fixed occasional instances of keepers leaving it too late to attempt a save

Other ME changes
- Encouraged passing ball around in own half a little more when tactics allow for it
- Fixed dodgy angle being passed into function causing assert and potential score divergence
- Midfielders getting ball deep a little less liable to play it long when under moderate pressure
- Try to reduce instances of players heading ball that they could run onto
- Fix to prevent 2 players going for one slow moving ball that is coming into their own area
- Made sensible passes to playmaker more attractive for his team mates
- Fixed wide play over-ride in tactics creator not being utilised properly
- Stopped all but the most blatant offsides being called before any player has "interfered" with play
- Stopped defender leaving ball to keeper if he isn’t sure when attacker will get to the ball
- Made players stick a little closer to their man especially when defending quite high and wide
- Made defenders more likely to step up to D-line when playing the offside trap
- Fixed players not getting goalside of opponent with ball in no brainer situation
- Improved behaviour of deep lying forward type players in terms of where they look for space to move into
- Reduce strikers running wide when team mate already close to that destination
- Players less likely to move onto a simple pass at unnecessary high speed, which should generally improve their first touch
- Another check against player first touch taking ball dangerously close to own goal
- Increased chance of players trying overhead kick shots
- Stop players trying ridiculously ambitious passes at free kicks unless set to all out attack
- Reduced unnecessary long backwards passes caused by v807 change
- Toned down number of pointless hopeful through balls
- Toned down directional error on clearances when ball on best foot
- Reduced number of panicky clearances especially behind for corner
- Fixed a loophole that could still see players clear towards own goal
- Slight reduction in blocked shots and crosses to improve goal count
- Fixed player display positions incorrectly set up
- Removed old code that stopped an AMC playing directly behind a lone FC by shifting one left and one right
- Implemented goalies rolling ball out underarm
- Reduced number of panicky clearances slightly
- Small tweak to basic pass choice
- Fixed overuse of pass to lurking player at corners
- Tweaked AI strategy choice slightly
- Made AI teams set full back roles to wing back in narrow formations
- Fixed incorrect variable being used to regulate speed when moving back onside
- Made midfielders in teams without wide midfielders or wingers shift across better when defending the flanks
- Slight increase in technical ability at higher levels
- Players more likely to choose safe pass ahead of risky first touch
- Further small tweak to pass choice AI
- Aimed crosses slightly further back from goal, to make harder for keeper, mainly for good crossers
- Fixed players attempting overhead kicks when facing the goal they are aiming at
- Reduced pointless long shots when run or pass on
- Boost header power for players with good heading ability
- Try to improve long shot aim variation rather than just straight at the keeper
- Fixed bug that could cause player going to meet cross, corner free kick to pull out at last minute
- Reduced fairly rare bug causing players to miscontrol ball for no obvious reason
- Reduced number of risky dribble attempts when other options available
- Made marking of nearest player slightly more lax when player tired
- Fixed bug that could cause player to fail to stop pass coming towards him, potentially causing back pass own goal
- Fixed overly zealous offside calls on players not close to interfering with play
- Made 811 change "more likely to choose safe pass ahead of risky first
touch" more dependent on flair and run with ball instruction
- Encouraged players to put a few more tackles in, mainly when set to tackle hard against the relevant opponent
- Small tweak to marking of opponents in own area, to try to prioritize those closest to the goal and unmarked
- Made show onto foot AI a little more robust
- Fixed bug that could cause no keeper to be selected if current one is injured and no subs left on a depleted bench
- Fixed team selection bug that could conceivably see goalkeeper played outfield when side has 10 men
- Fixed small issue regarding defenders leaving ball for keeper before safe to do so
- Fixed issue causing players to sometimes hesitate when moving to head ball clear
- Fixed small marking issue that caused defenders to allow attacker to get goalside too easily

- Added option to switch off reversing of titlebar colours.
- Added tooltips to graphics rating stars on Preferences screen.
- Latest scores, goals updates and live league table panels on the competition screen now update correctly.
- Stopped team and competition logos from showing on buttons when the user has switched logos off in the preferences.
- Under 18s match preview now doesn't tell the user about the number of players ineligible from the first team for being too old
- Unticking 'Start Unemployed' will now revert the user's selection to their favourite club if it is a valid one to manage.
- Fixed player's training panel not displaying any info if club did not have a physio.
- Fixed issue with training options not being available when right clicking on multiple players when one is on loan.
- Fixed bug during a hot seat match where more than one manager shout panel could be opened at once.
- Enabled logos on scoreboard in TV view.
- "No specific instructions" option can now be selected in the Target Opposition Player shortcut panel.
- Added Wide Play option to player list view menu on the tactics screen.
- Ensured coach reports aren't available for unattached players that have been scouted.
- Fixed captain icon being duplicated on the tactics screen when substituting your captain.
- Ensured coach reports aren't available when making an offer for a player that isn't attached to your club.
- Enabled logos on match titlebar
- Extra-time and penalty wins now indicated on team fixture panel
- Added frosty pitch to 2D Classic match view
- Match overview screen now displays kits rather than club badges
- Various small user interface fixes

Backroom Advice
- Stopped staff advising to scout players that teams in Malaysia are not allowed to sign.
- Stopped staff contradicting themselves when suggesting removing
offers for players even though they gave them a good scout report.
- Improved the second opinion advice.
- Stopped fitness coaches offering advice on tactics unless they also have a preference for a normal coaching role.
- Stopped second opinion always disagreeing with team attribute comparison pre-match advice.
- Clicking Tactics button no longer causes advice to be dismissed before being actioned.
- Using the Training button now links to the teams training section correctly.
- Advice no longer re-appears if you have dismissed the advice by going
to the screen via the news item and then going by the menu link.
- Improved the recommended players’ advice AI.
- Stopped Assistant Manager disagreeing with possible opposition instructions and then suggesting them himself pre-match.
- Scouting recommendations for immediate signings only recommend players the team can currently afford.
- Backroom advice section now hidden for international matches because there was never anything to show.

- Fixed 'interested in job' news item not always knowing whether the job the person is interested in is currently filled or not.
- Ensure that non-relevant competition round-up news items are not sent
to humans for competitions split geographically e.g. Conference League
- Toned down over-the-top news strings for winning friendly competitions.
- Stopped news item stating player "popped up again" when describing his first goal.
- Toned down exaggerated praise after qualifying from domestic cup with
group stages e.g. Second Round group of Portuguese League Cup.
- Variable no longer appears in news item linking staff with vacant position.
- Players no longer complain about been unable to speak to another club
when a transfer offer is negotiated rather than rejected.
- Players no longer complain about been unable to speak to another club if the buying team keeps delaying the transfer.
- Fixed %string#1 appearing in some comp news items for progression in major tournaments.
- Club variable no longer appears in stadium improvement news item.
- News item reagarding international injury tally has now learnt how to count.
- Fixed "Consortium pull plug" news item stating consortium pulled the plug when it was actually the club.
- Fixed player's bio blaming manager for club's season under-performance when manager has only just joined and is doing well.
- Fixed rare instance of player transfer speculation news being generated for news where the buying team doesn't have a manager.
- View Injury Table button in physio report news no longer occasionally
taking you to the wrong page for an international manager.
- Ensured 'linked to job press statements' can only be responded to from the inbox and not from the news centre.
- Fixed news items which were incorrectly using a nation's nationality
instead of its name e.g. "Venezuela in good display against Peruvian"
- Can now appeal straight red card when a player was playing for a different squad to the squad he is currently in.
- Fixed award voting news "vote" button disappearing a few days after the news item is first issued.
- Stopped media speculating about managers signing rubbish goalkeepers.
- Pitch dimensions news item only sent if there are more than one pitch size to choose from!
- Fixed occasional non player bio referring to club join date as 1. Jan. 1900.

- Adjusted Finnish finances.
- Adjusted non-player wages.
- Adjusted ticket pricing for smaller English cups.
- Tweaked English lower league youth wages.
- Fixed really small teams generated with big debts.
- Adjusted clubs going into administration.
- Adjusted player wage demands.
- Adjusted wage budgets for very small teams.
- Fixed players on very high wages requesting a lot less when renewing contract.
- Adjusted African ticket prices.

- Stopped occasional B Club player from being given first team wages due to being a key player in the B Club
- Prevented board from stepping in and accepting bids just over the
basic value of the player on behalf of a manager when player was
transfer listed.
- Disabled transfer decision deadline option of 'Today' when current
game time is later on in the day and not possible for clubs to respond
in time.
- Stopped the ability to sign Institute players on bosman style deals.
- Changed label for the 'Offer to Clubs Asking Price' to make it clearer that it is a percentage of the players displayed value.
- Loaned out players no longer kept in first team and demoted to reserves upon return to club.
- Removed duplicate news item when a youth player’s contract expires.
- Further fixes to ensure Australian teams keep their squad depth many years in the future.
- Altered contract decision code to prevent low league key players from getting early pay rises.
- Fixed occasional first team player being put in reserves and listed for loan in first season.
- Prevented big clubs from actively looking to replace their terrible third choice goalkeepers
- Spanish based players no longer demands really high relegation
release clauses, due to already having really high mandatory minimum
fee release clauses

- Improved selection of subscriptions by personal assistant.
- Fixed issue where certain record news items would be sent to subscriptions unnecessarily.
- Should not be allowed to subscribe to virtual/grey players.
- Fixed personal assistant recommending a national manager unsubscribe from World Cup.
- Removing a player from a shortlist should not unsubscribe him if he exists on another shortlist.
- Auto-subscribe humans to matches category for international comps e.g. World Cup to improve immersion.
- Stopped human getting two match reports for the same match if subscribed to a comp's matches.

Press Conferences
- Fixed journalist asking about signing a compatriot for a new signing
when other club team already contains a player of his nationality.
- Fixed press conference crediting user with multiple cup wins despite this being user's first.
- Fixed follow-up question about balancing books appearing in the wrong context in new signing conference.
- Miscellaneous text and press conference question fixes.
- Fixed press conference questioning team's form due to poor morale when team morale is actually very high.
- Improved selection of the main talking point of press conferences.
- Give precedence to team-mates of the same nationality over shared
language when looking for a team-mate who can help a new signing settle
- Fixed wrong stadium name being shown in some new signing conference questions.

Board Takeovers
- Stopped non-players who dislike a club from leading consortium's that are interested in taking them over.

Network Game
- Now cannot join manager chat until you have completed adding a manager.
- Fixed blank stage in add manager wizard when "Assign Random Clubs" has been ticked.
- "Disconnect" action is now shown again on the game status screen for network clients.
- Fixed a problem where the next fixture details on the manager overview panel would not update for network clients.
- Fixed other managers watching a match being able to view the playing manager’s feedback widget.
- Fixed and improved user idle time counts.

- Fixed bug where user-named friendly competition gets its name changed to Friendly Cup after saving and reloading.

- Updated Australian A-League kick off times.
- Fixed discipline rules to correspond with specifications.

- Tweaked Belgian Second Division TV coverage.

- Fixed issue of Brazilian national First and Second Division games being played during the World Cup.

- Chilean First Division B clubs can sign/sell unlimited number of players in summer transfer window

- Fixed Croatian sides not arranging any friendlies during the winter break.

Czech Republic
- Tweaked Czech First Division TV coverage.

- Fixed period when Danish teams can start playing friendlies during the winter.
- Fixed Danish Cup draw rules.
- Danish Work Permit rules now check the wage offered to a player.
- Updated TV prize money.

- Fixed Blue Square Premier and Blue Square North\South playoffs being shown on TV when there is no TV deal in place.

- Updated Finnish Premier League to award teams with TV money beyond 2012.

- Fixed issue of French Coupe De La Ligue being set up after the first round draw.
- Updated TV revenue system for First and Second Division.
- Fixed Coupe De La Ligue kick off times and TV viewings.

- Fixed issue with German Cup's first round clashing with other German
leagues due to the German Cup using the 2008 first round date.
- Fixed scheduling for First, Second and Third Divisions in Germany.
- Updated German kick off times.
- Updated German Cup TV prizes.
- Updated German first division to coincide the recent move of the penultimate game to a Sunday.
- If one or both teams that have qualified for the German Cup final
also take part in the relegation for the German First/Second Division
then the two relegation legs should be rescheduled.
- Included international days, where matches are not played.
- Fixed issue with match times after the New Year

- Fixed a problem with Greek youth team full time player squad selection rule.
- Changed Greek Superleague cup schedule to finish a few weeks earlier.
- Updated Greek Superleague to give out TV prize money to teams to coincide with the recent contract.

Hong Kong (China PR)
- Added Hong Kong League Transfer Windows.
- Stopped teams not in Hong Kong First Division participating in reserve league.

- Matches are now played at 1630 every three Sundays in the Dutch Eredivisie.

- Fixed issue with Israel Premier and National league games playing during the play offs.
- Israeli Cup winner now takes 2nd Europa League seed after 2nd placed league team

- Serie A league schedule improvements.
- Games no longer take place on Easter Sunday.
- Foggia 1 point deduction added
- Removed Gallipoli point deduction.

- Fixed Norwegian Cup's geographical drawing during the preliminary stage.
- Fixed issue with second division teams occasionally being drawn into the preliminary stage.
- Tweaked how Third Division teams are selected for promotion to Second Division.
- Removed the nation trial day.
- Norwegian squad selection rules changed.

- Updated League Cup TV prize money.

- Fixed issue with games being played during the Romanian Second League winter break.

- Tweaked Russian Premier League schedule.

- Fixed issue where the final day Scottish league fixtures not being held on same day due to Scottish Cup Final.
- Updated Scottish Cup prize money.
- Fixed issue with Scottish Cup finals not taking place.
- Scottish U21 players now need to be younger than 21 on the 1st of January of the season start year.

- Fixed issue with first round of the Spanish Cup being too late.

- Fixed incorrect fixture rule for Swedish Super Cup.

- Lower League teams can now playing at home in Swiss Cup.
- Fixed Swiss sides not arranging any friendlies during the Winter Break.
- Fixed scheduling for First and Second Divisions in Switzerland.

- Turkish Premier Division Schedule tweak.
- Updated Turkish Cup Prize Money.
- Added a check for foreign non-homegrown players in the youth leagues.

United States
- Toronto FC now pursue more Canadian players in the Superdraft.

- Updated Uruguay's transfer windows to be different for First and Second division.

- World Cup teams are now drawn in order of highest seeds first.
- Yellow cards are no longer carried on from the qualifying rounds to the World Cup.
- U20 World Cup now takes place in 2009.

Match Experience
- Stockport home kit colours now match the titlebar/commentary colours for friendly matches.
- National teams in international finals now use 1-23 for virtual player squad numbers instead of 23+.
- Injury icon now no longer appears above a player in a match if the match is rewound to before the injury.
- Pitch textures are now consistent between 2D and 3D view.
- Fixed bug where playmaker and target man roles were not being setup correctly in the match.
- The first team now always uses the first kit when playing in the intra squad friendly.
- Crowds tweaks for penalty shootouts
- "Dead time" now skipped when players retrieve ball for set pieces

- When using specific teams in competitions, the "Could not find
competition -1 in the database" message doesn't appear when testing the
- The scroll buttons on the tab strip now works correctly.
- Can now add national team achievements for people in the editor.
- Hitting the window close button X now brings up confirmation dialog if changes have been made.
- Adding new clubs, competitions, etc to the database now applies the same changes to network clients as well.

- Made some updates to the Game Credits

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